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Rate me ♥

1. Name:: Meg
2. Age:: 17
3. Sex:: Female
4. Make us Laugh::

You wanna hear a dirty joke? A boy fell in a mud puddle.

You wanna hear a clean one? He took a bath!

5. Interesting things about you...:: I live in the smallest town in Great Britain, I can sing and play the drums at the same time, today I stood up to the girl who's been mentally abusing me for two years and now I feel so strong. That is all.
6. Music choices:: Ska, folk, Indie and punk. Yes. I love John Mayer and The Hippos and Nickel Creek and stuff.
7. Brands you like:: pssht.. *holds breath* don't know. O'Neill I guess. Surf... mmmm...
8. Why should we give you a yes?:: Because I'm useful.
9. Promote to two lj communities (using the promotion pictures in the site info):: See below!
Promote to Two lj users (using the pictures in the site info)::</b> There are no pictures :s I couldn't get a link! But I will link to you!
10. What is your opinion on the upcoming election?:: It's been, it sucked. But then, I don't live in America so it doesn't affect me directly. More indirectly.
11. What is your opinion on drugs/alcohol?:: I don't drink or take drugs or anything like it, it puzzles me completely but I'm pretty laid back so I generally let people have fun like that, as long as they're actually enjoying themselves and not escaping from something.
12. What is you opinion on gay marriage?:: All for it! My friends sister and her girlfriend want to get married, and so they should. They don't need to though, they know how they feel about each other.
13. What is you opinion on eating disorders?:: It scares me, and puzzles me, and I don't know too much about it other than a lot of people have them. I binge when I'm upset, but I never starved myself or made myself throw up.
14. Are you currently in a relationship? If so, give their name, and a picture if possible.:: Barnaby!! He's on the left. That was over a year ago now though *sigh*
15. What other communities are you a member of?:: draw_a_heart greatbignothing hot_ska_kids happy_ska_kids biffyclyro colormeawesome. Yeah.
16. Now, for the pictures. Please include at least 3::

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